Delegation trip 2014

With his wife Su Prof. Dr. Marc led in September 2014 a delegation to Kyrgyzstan to show the needs of the country and to promote an understanding for this different part of the world.

Mr and Ms Dr. Mack, Mr. Bender and Ms. Dubs, our interpreter were touched by the culture and open encounters with humans.

In these pictures the life of the Kyrgyzstan people are shown in kaleidoscopic-fashion. The encounters with the children in the orphanage in Bishkek are as impressive as the talks and cooperation at the Medical Faculty of KSU, where Prof. Marc TCM teaches.

We all agree:
The hospitality of the people is an exemplary manner.

But our campaign had an even higher goal: we want to improve living conditions, give hope and make tough situations more bearable.

It requires much more than gifts that we carried with us in the luggage. Take a look, realize it and create an opportunity is our motivation.

Sometimes, it takes a long time a success is visible. However, thanks to our donors and the firm determination of all those involved we manage more and more to improve the lives of children in the children’s home in the long term.

What we tackle, we also carry out, however, without requiring any additional unnecessary costs incurred. Your donations reach those in need 1: 1. We will go back there.