Stellenbosch – Südafrika

Rhenish Girls High School Wappen
Besuch Annalise Mack - Rhenish Girls High School

Wir pflegen einen guten und regelmäßigen Kontakt zu den Kindern und jungen Erwachsene damit wir wissen wie es bei ihnen läuft und damit sie wissen das wir für sie da sind.

Unser Ziel ist es Ihnen eine gute Basis für ihre Zukunft zu ermöglichen. Diese ist vor allem in einem Land wie Südafrika, in dem man sehr viel bewegen und machen kann sehr wichtig. Deshalb haben wir uns für dieses Projekt entschlossen und verfolgen es mit größter Souveränität und Input.

Dres. Mack

Enabling me to be able to continue my learning at this school I have found to be my new family and have provided me with a firm foundation filled with Sisterhood, Respect, Grace, Honor, Spirit.
Alatha Pinyana
Thank you so much for your sponsorship as well as your support!
My family and I really appreciate it!
Shelby Stephenson
Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the sponsorship.
I feel so privileged and blessed to have been rewarded with a sponsorship from you
Nizette Gordon
Being a Rhenisher is a vital life experience to me that I can not even put into words.
Alatha Pinyana
You having given me this life enriching opportunity that my parents sadly could not provide me as much as they had tried and you have given me a sense of hope that with this education
Alatha Pinyana
Thank you once again for being willing to sponsor us to attend Rhenish. Rhenish is a lovely school with a variety of sport and cultural activities. We appreciate you for giving us the opportunity to be learners at Rhenish.
Blantinah and Belinah Qaoke