Government Hospital for Children

in Bishkek

Where ever we look, old buildings respresent the structure. A place for infections, a place for NO cure.
In the talks with the employees we realize what is still to do. Old and new equipment stand side by side. The latter “dust”, because there is no one who could operate them. Therefore, we are on site and provide visiting doctor places in Germany. We help where it is needed. This may also be a new OP.

Kinder in der Kinderklinik
Prof Marc im Gespräch mit Patientinnen
Besuch auf der Neonatologie der Kinderklinik
Incubator auf der Neonatologie
Prof. Marc mit einer Patienten
Spende eines Ultraschallgerätes
Im Gespräch mit der Chefärztin
Rehabilitation Center for Street Children